Aug 2014 - Dec 2014  |  

Course instructor: Brian P. Bailey

Team: David Li, Xuefei Ning, and Xiaomin Xu

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  1. Selecting Destinations

  2. Selecting Attractions

  3. Daily Itinerary

  4. GoTrip Poster


This is a course project in CS465 User Interface Design at UIUC. When you are traveling in a city, do you wish to get an optimal path based on the attractions you want to visit? We designed GoTrip, a web app that would return optimal schedule based on key locations user selected. The project uses Google Map API and request the user to select attractions they want to see, then calculate the most efficient travel path to visit all locations and the amount of time they will need to get from origin to destination. We then take the data and optimize it, put into a general day plans to give the user to follow.

GoTrip addresses the problem that the user doesn’t know the area that they want to visit well, and may not travel optimally from place to place. Our application ensures that the user will not spend unnecessary time travelling when they could be spending that time where they want to be, and give them an idea of how many activities are feasible in each day of their vacation. By emailing users their travel plan and offering a print function, we will ensure that users have their plan handily at any time.